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Mary Lempres

Mary Lempres, a Norwegian-American Industrial Designer, believes that design can instigate positive change by solving complex problems and accelerating our transition to a circular economy. By transferring emerging technology into our daily lives, Mary aims to regenerate nature, shift behaviors, and optimize the long-term health of both people and the planet.

Reef Rocket


Reef Rocket is an oyster reef structure grown from biocement, designed to promote citizen science monitoring and marine ecosystem restoration. Harnessing the power of microorganisms to grow natural cements in the ocean, Reef Rocket grows vital reef modules in just nine days, a process that takes thousands of years to occur in nature. Partnering with the Billion Oyster Project, Reef Rocket functions as a citizen science device for monitoring and restoring marine ecosystems in the New York Harbor, promoting biodiversity, reducing flooding, and filtering water, all while creating natural carbon sinks. Grow the future with Reef Rocket.

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