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Aryaman Giri Gundala

Aryaman Giri is a designer who values the relationships people get to make with
the objects that surround them. He thrives on designing for that space due to the challenges, learnings, and room for exploration that comes with it.

Independent Living Aids

#Wheelchair Accessories
#Independent Living

The Independent Living Aids designed by Aryaman Giri are a suite of accessories that increase the functionality of current manual wheelchairs. They promote better access to community life and provide assistance to succeed. These accessories reduce the stress and time taken to do a grocery or laundry trip. They also offer wheelchair users the ability to eat or work from anywhere without having to find a suitable surface that's just the right height. The use of familiar materials, and friendly shapes are intentional so as to avoid calling out the disability and instead, offering flair to their chairs. The simple design creates minimal strain to the person using it, nor does it increase the footprint of the chair. Instead, it offers more room for custom accessories to be developed.

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